A picture paints a thousand words or so the popular saying goes. To Kim, the tarot cards are truly fascinating. They hold a wealth of meaning and endless possibilities. Embedded in its richly depicted pictography are messages which call out to her whenever the cards are read together in a tarot reading.

In other words, the cards come together to tell a story. But not just any story. It tells Kim of her story. This was what intrigued her from the start when she had her very first tarot reading done. Since that fateful day, the tarot has become a very useful tool which reveals certain truths about her life’s situations.

A few years ago when Kim was having scattered thoughts and at a crossroads in her life, she mustered the courage and decided to try out a tarot reading for the very first time. Frankly, she was not expecting anything. She told herself that it was just for fun, or so she thought. Little did she know that that day would eventually lead her onto the tarot journey. She also found out that contrary to what some people may think, the tarot is not a mystical deck of cards containing messages of gloom and doom.

Nowadays, Kim often consults the tarot for guidance and advice. She finds it delightful how it allows her to consider things from a different perspective at times. Somewhat similar to how having a conversation with a wise friend would spark a light bulb moment. There is just so much to explore and learn in the world of tarot and this is what continues to astound Kim