Siew Siew has been practicing Reiki healing since 2007. She was first drawn to Reiki as a healing approach to alleviate her three young children’s frequent bouts of illness. As she practiced with Reiki at home, she found that not only did her family members become physically stronger, they were also emotionally and mentally healthier. Anger outbursts became less frequent and visits to the doctor clearly lessened.

She herself developed a greater sense of inner peace and calm. This was a vast turnaround from her pre-Reiki days which tended to be filled with intense stress and anger, partly due to her role in a fast-paced and hectic job in the finance industry.

Having experienced the wonderful effects of Reiki, she wishes to spread the message to others – that, with Reiki, it is easy for each and every one of us to take a more active role in our own lives and achieve greater health and happiness along the way.

Siew Siew offers both Reiki healing treatments as well as Reiki classes (where you can learn to heal yourself), depending on individual preferences. She also holds a certificate in counseling which helps her to better understand and thus help her clients and students more effectively. +65 96461698