Heart of Sophia

Aspiring to be one of the best metaphysical school, here in Heart of Sophia spiritual Academy, we aim to help seeker understand more about the field of metaphysics and esoteric studies. Gathering and learning from only the best teachers around the world, we are determined to share with you all that we know so that we can help everyone understand more about what the unknown is. The Academy’s sole purpose is to help everyone find the wisdom within you and help empower all members to be able to stand true for what they believe.

In our Academy, our professional teachers have spent years researching into their specialized discipline and are able to deliver their subject of understanding in the simplest but yet, create the most profound moment for each and every individual. We strive only to give the best of everything that is in the field of Western and Eastern Metaphysics and we aim to train our students to their predecessor – Evolution Holistic to become a recognized academy in the field of metaphysics. Constantly upgrading and enhancing our technique we pledge our passion to bring you the most sincere and truthful understanding that can change your life.

We aim to complete every student desire to learn the most indepth and latest news about the world of metaphysical work. With the support from all great teachers and masters we aim to constantly present what we can as the best of who we are to everyone who come into our lives. With great love for wisdom and truth, I welcome you to our Academy – Heart of Sophia

The Crest for the heart of Sophia is being divided to three segments –

The Blossoming flower represent the blossoming of one potential in all direction. The 6 petal flower is a traditional totem of what we known as the flower of life. We honour the importance of how life and nature and all that is connects to us. As how nature and all that life has to offer come to us we open our heart like the open flower to receive all the blessings in life. Platinum is the colour that helps us to release our old conditioning so that we can embrace a new life and a new aspect of who we are.

The Golden heart signify that with proper guidance from life and all that is, our heart can be more heart felt and gain the wisdom of what is important to them. With a wiser heart we also make wiser decision and not always feel lost with what we could be. The golden jewel heart tells us that our heart is the most important and precious of all that we have. This is also where the truth is within us.

The Magenta eye, denotes the single eye of truth where we no longer see things in dualistic objective but we see the beauty of what is non-judgmental. The colour magenta represent the grace and the love we can receive as individual and to discover a greater love that life can offer to us. This is to not limit ourselves to conditions and judgment that we may have but to honour the greater truth that life present to us.

The logo is like the Goddess Sophia who is said that she has a thousand eyes upon each of the thousand wings she has. This dedication is contributed to the goddess who loved and supported us in all the ways possible.

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