Emotional Healing



An emotional healing session is a chance to express your emotions without judgement in a sacred space of understanding and acceptance. To be able to speak out your real thoughts and feelings is a freeing experience where you come in touch with what is important to you. It feels good to just be yourself.

With so many things happening in our lives, we do not always have the chance to catch up with ourselves. We have expectations to meet, goals to fulfill and people we cannot disappoint. We tend to bottle up some of our emotions because the reality is that those around us may not accept what we truly feel and think – even our dearest ones. They might not see where we are coming from and therefore misinterpret us. While we repress our feelings, we hope to avoid any misunderstandings, including the risk of being judged and abandoned. We end up feeling alone and are perhaps resentful about it. It is difficult to find someone to talk to especially if we find ourselves in a culture that is uncomfortable with feelings. Sometimes our emotions and desires conflict with what is “right” and “appropriate” and we are ashamed to share our dark secrets too. Suffering in our own world, we long for an outlet and a true connection with people.

Our emotions reflect our needs. During an emotional healing session, you will be encouraged to dedicate the moment to your emotions and be truthful to yourself. You will be safely guided to connect with what you may have repressed and forgotten for a long time. We will look into what you went through, identify your emotions and their causes for you to see what you were looking for to be truly happy. On a deeper level we can also explore where your pain originates from if you are ready, as most of the time the source is a prior experience we were unable to deal with.

Now is the time to listen to your inner voice.

Free yourself and unlock your heart.

Life awaits you!

For more information about Emotional Healing or to make appointment, please contact Siew Siew at     +65 9646 1698

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