Space Clearing

20140926_161750Space clearing is performed when a house have been through some traumatic experiences. When a space is traumatize then it may leave behind imprints that might
affect those who are living within the space. Sometimes in extreme situation, those who have departed may still reside within the space. This is then our team of experts would come together to analyse the sitaution of the house and to find out the best way to help release the intensity that the house suffered.

Using spiritual tools like bells, inscense, flowers, spray and mantra, we combine the essentials and make the best offering and cleansing procedure that helps one space to be purified and enhanced. We all need space clearing for our houses as we often have family situations like argument or we may have brought stress from work into our house. This is then dross that needs to be removed energetically so that our house can remain a safe haven.

As each house is unique on its on, we advise those who have experiences which require attention to consult us and we will be happy to look into your case with ifferent analysis method to tell you our finding. We will approach using the most logical and systematic tools like pendulum and questions to find out if the house does require any cleansing.

For this module we have only the Service available

Charges are negotiated as per case basis due to complexity of work (min. $380)

If you are interesting please contact Siew siew +65 96461698

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