Systemic Family Constellation

Systemic Family Constellation


Systemic Family Constellation was founded by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. After being a missionary in Africa, he decided to delve into Psychoanalysis, Gestalt Therapy, Primal Therapy, Transactional Analysis and Family Systems Therapy, after which he came up with his own modality. It is an excellent tool for one to find out his life’s scripts that we have within our subconscious. Why we choose to do certain things and repeat the same patterns that have not been beneficial, why we cannot stop ourselves – all these are just some of the questions that the work of Family constellation can give us insights into.

If you have an uncontrollable desire, you do not understand why you keep losing money (whether you somehow always have a last minute expense to use the last of your savings), or you do not understand how you contracted a certain illness or even want to find out the dynamics behind the hereditary conditions in your family, then family constellation will reveal the entanglements that are at the source of it. For example these entanglements maybe between you and other family members who have passed away and in the work you will discover the deep love within the whole family which may defy our common sense, but which is the source that gives us the energy to drive all resolutions. The whole work deals with fundamental laws of life and they are practical and useful life information that we can use to empower our life.

A family constellation session happens from working with representatives which we will select during a case to play out the underlying dynamics at work to help us resolve the hidden blocks. Within the work, there are many dimensions that we may be unaware of but which nonetheless they affect us so deeply. During the work, all representatives are fully conscious and family constellation is not related to any trance – like phenomena, or “channelling” of messages. Rather all that happens is from the representatives staying with their body and feelings, and translating these into actions and words.

The work will explore into areas of your subconscious and will link with what you know about your life’s story. Therefore we require all participant to also check their family history and know their family tree before they come for the service or course. This will help you gain more from the session.

For this module we have both Service and course available

Family Constellation one to one

Family Constellation Healing Circle

Family the root of our life course

If life has a second chance series

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