“We are the colour we choose”, these are the underlying philosophy of the colour-care system developed by the late Vicky Wall.

Through the wisdom of colours Aura Soma allows one to have a deep understanding of the self.

Using equilibrium bottles, the system is a self-selective and non-intrusive approach for the client to select the colours they resonate with, and through these colours, their story is unfolded in front of them. The colours tell us who we are and what our gifts are. Aura soma seeks to help you discover the dynamics of every situation and identify the missing element to complete the harmonies of the whole situation.

Using crystals and plants extract, the colours originate and emanate from nature. This is why the colours of the equilibrium bottles attract us just like appeal of scenic landscapes of nature. Humans are visual creatures relying mostly on sight to learn and explore the world. Thus the system works with the most active of the senses and allows us to tap into our unconscious through colours. For example, red often depict dangerous situations, which then signal us to be careful or even halt all progression.

Aura-Soma is not only a consultation, it is a care system where you can use the equilibrium bottles after a consultation to help reinforce the consultation and its wisdom. The word equilibrium is to balance. Thus each bottle is created to help those who choose them to achieve complete balance and wholeness. By applying locally on the body, the latter will absorb the essence of the colours, properties of gem and herbs into the body and its bio-field. The system is absolutely safe and will only serve the highest good for the individual. Aura-Soma only aims for what is best for the being and will not to interfere with any other medical process.

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