Feng shui


Feng Shui

Fengshui is one the 5 major studies in the world of Chinese metaphysics. It dates back to a historical time and it gives us insight on our relationship with the land. However due to commercialization, it has been clouded with different perspectives. Here in Heart of Sophia we understand the need for various method and thus we are conversant with 4 types of Fengshui to cater to all needs.

Feng shui is about the placement of objects – Beds, Stove and Door – and the movement of energy (more popularly known as Qi). By knowing where to place which object we allow the energy of the space to be more vibrant for us to tap into for greater uses. Fundamentally, Fengshui involves only the owner and the house: once the right house is chosen, then one would only need to make sure the key objects are placed at the right spots to make the energy flow harmoniously.

Contrary to the tradition that the house’s Feng Shui has to be changed every year, the truth is that it is not required. What we need to know is how we want the land to work for us, and then we will use different methods to facilitate and speed up the process. There is no fixed Feng shui set-up that can be used for all houses because most of the houses in Asia are not build to proper measurement. Therefore the house has to be selected first, and then later remedied.

We only use remedies that is all-natural like crystals, plants and water features which help the environment as well as make the space we live in aesthetic. We know the needs of modern people because we are modern people too. So we assure the most comprehensive and user friendly solution for your house Feng Shui problems.

Here are just some of the sects of Feng Shui we practice in Heart of Sophia

 Xuan Kong Flying Star

Perhaps the most well known Feng Shui Technique in the Feng Shui market. This Feng shui technique divides the house into 9 sectors and attributes a star to each of the house according to the direction of the house. Using the understanding of the star, we are able to decide which sector is good for studies, healing, and career. The Feng shui technique focus on placement of beds and study table for us to be able to utilize the energy of the house.

This technique is also good for deciding which shop house is good when compared to the other shop house that is available. The Xuan Kong system also look into the placement of water features and so it will definitely be helpful for those who wish to put fish tanks and aquarium in their house. The placement of water is important for fengshui as the water can not only enhance the wealth but also enhance the life force of an area.

8 Mansion

Eight Mansion is a school of Feng shui that is focus on facing and directions and this is calculated from the personal gua number that comes from the birthday of the individual. The school speaks of 8 directions that affect the individual and how they can tap each direction for healing, career, relationships and more. This school is more systematic and does not have so much changes from year to year. This feng shui would be advisable for people who do not want to entertain yearly changes and want a minimal Feng shui work to be done for moderate effect. The method is quite direct and simple and all you need to do is to take the best direction to your availability. These directions would be the key to your success if you know how to tap it and make the fullest out of it.

 Ying-Yang Feng shui technique

Ying-Yang Feng shui is a school of Feng Shui which specialized with the harmony of the environment and what to take note when selecting a house for home stay or business use. This school of Feng Shui is one of the rare form of Feng Shui which most teachers do not teach anymore.

Purple white star Feng Shui Technique

This is another form of Feng Shui meant for the search of the best energy in relationship to studies, marriage and also child birth. Usually this school of Feng Shui is seldom practice because of the limitation it has but is very powerful in creating results.

Feng shui consultation

A standard Feng Shui consultation would require the floor plan so that one would have a precise overview of what is the outline of the complex. Therefore we require each client to have the floor plan mailed to us before the consultation. We would also need the birth details including time so to do a basic Ba Zi analysis for the client and the household. All reports will not be kept for commercial use and a copy of the report will be given back to the client for reference.

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