Kabbalah studies

Kabbalah Studies

20150809_144411Every Friday, it is said that the angels will rest and GOD rest from what he creates. This is also the day where it is Sabbath and the Shekinah would descend to this earth. This is also where we gather on this occasion to study Kabbalah. Kabbalah is the ancient gem of the Jewish people and it grants upon his people the wisdom of the divine and teaches the way of spirit through the mastery of the different aspect of life. Initially used as a way of life, the kabbalah find itself integrated into many philosophy that is found in the current new age and have continued to inspire more to want to understand the great mystery that it can offer to us.

Working with the tree of life is also learning to work with ourselves, as we focus on what we lack on the tree of life, then we know how to improve ourselves and also the quality of what is in our life. Being divided into 10 spher
e and 22 paths, each component has its unique meaning behind it. As we explore, we discover what is important to us and understand more about what can really help us to reach to the perfection of life. The tree of life is like a road map which can help us to pin point what went wrong in our life. The tree of life seek to complete our pathway and discover the philosophy of our being.

Kabbalah is the only studies in the Western metaphysics and it has the most elaborate library of material for one to explore into its understanding. This is also the foundation of most spiritual work. This is definitely something that has to be appreciated if one is to learn about the world of metaphysics according to the ancient. Our study group is a monthly study group that come together to study the Kabbalah according to Toledano tradition of Kabbalah. We are also affiliated to the Kabbalah Society of England founded by Shimon Halevi. So come join us and submerge yourself to the depth of Kabbalah

We have Study group every month on the third Friday

We also have foundation course available

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