Melchizedek Symbols

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What if we tell you that in us we contain the power to heal ourselves? This is the fundamentals of this healing modality known as Melchizedek symbols. The system is a unique system that has connections with the concept of the flower of life. From the patterns found within the flower of life, we decode these ancient symbols of empowerment and healing.

This is a new school of healing and self-development system that had just been received from the inner plane masters as the 9th dispensation to humanity by God. It introduces to you a brand new experience in your ascension process. There is no prior knowledge in spirituality needed to join us. This course will equip you with the necessary knowledge for your ascension. Other than allowing you to experience the process of ascension, these symbols can also be used to protect, heal and cleanse and more….

The main concept of the Melchizedek Symbols is to allow the users to create a flexible, yet enriching and personalized way to ascend. It is easy to understand and also enjoyable experiences waiting to be discovered. The system follows the idea of a strong and flexibility way of creating your own ascension process. The new trend in this New Age is to be Flexible. As mundane life is catching on us, people are also giving away their time to the flows of events. So to allow ascension to take place in a stressful environment the Melchizedek Symbols is to cater for that.

The Melchizedek symbols also aim to help each and every individual to attain a better character integration. As the Aquarian age now requires each individual to integrate and master the full consciousness of the Ascended Masters. Therefore there is a need to work on this aspect. Thus the Melchizedek Symbols will equip the students with the necessary characters of Owning Personal Power, Unconditional Love, Service and Leadership! 

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