Archangel Chronicles

Archangel Chronicles

Embrace love of the Archangel Kingdom with archangelic symbol

Archangels are the Chief of the Angels and they govern the core values of the creator source. Throughout history we know that they are actively involved with the development of humanity and all spiritual movement. This is the power and the gift of the Archangels. Being ever concern about the wellbeing of humans, the Archangel constantly shower us with their love and grace so that we may find our way back to the creator source.

Using the symbols of light, it allow us to be connected with the Archangel in an easier way and to help us tap upon their powers for transformation work. Each Archangel has a unique symbol to represent themselves in the work with humans and by understanding the purpose and use of the focus energy, we can transform our being.

Come join us as we look into the world the Archangels in a 2 day course of discovery

Day 1 

  • Introduction to the course
  • History of the Archangel
  • Attunement: Symbols of the Archangelic light
  • Anchoring of the 15 Archangelic symbols of light
  • Empowerment of one’s light body using the Archangelic symbols
  • Lunch
  • Selecting the Archangel symbol of mastery
  • Introduction to all the Archangels of the 15 sanctuary
  • Learning to work with the Archangelic symbols

Day 2

  • Connecting with Archangel using the symbols
  • Learning to heal with the sigil
  • Excercise – Visualization and refinement work
  • The sigil with the physical vehicle
  • Lunch
  • The empowerment of one’s Archangelic symbol
  • Prayers to invoke the archangelic energy
  • Distant healing with symbols
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