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20140926_155816The 72 Angels are a concept that has been created in the 7th century where a Jewish Rabbi called Issac the
Blind wrote about how humans and the angels are related. It is said that we all have a guardian force and this force is called the angels. They help us in many ways. The angels govern the movement of the stars and the celestial bodies and make our life to follow what we are meant to do. They help and guide us to follow what our heart truly desire and as we work with them we are able fulfil the happiness and joy of what is installed for us. We however are not aware of this force and often find ourselves lost in the terrain of our modern life.

As we learn to connect with the angels, it is not difficult to discover that there are many ways we can reconnect with the celestial force. Many who completed this course experience the enjoyment of finding back what they are familiar and honouring what they have not seen as a gift to them. In this course, we look into ways which we feel comfortable to connect with the divine and enhance the connection through practical work. The students are constantly guided to understand what attributes of the angels they are connected to and learn to practice the attributes that they are associated to. We all have a team of angels which we can rely on to help our life to become better.

In the duration of the course, one is taught how to connect with the angels that help in spiritual,
emotional, physical and mental aspects. Through working with them, they will guide us to release our inner troubles and worries. We will also get to understand how the energy of the angels can support us in difficult situation by being consciously connected with them. Through knowing the colours and signs that they display to us, we are able to build a conscious awareness that they are always there with us no matter what happens. This is the love of the angels to us. So welcome to the realm of the 72 angels

The module is available in course format

72 Angels module 1

72 Angels module 2

72 Angels module 3

72 Angels module 4

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