Numbers surround our life and influence us in many ways. When we are born, our date of birth marks the coming of our existence into this world and this is also something we cannot change. What does this number mean and how does it influence us? This is what numerology is able to decipher for you.

The founding of the field of Numerology is often attributed to the mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras. Numerology explores how people are subconsciously related to numbers and thus create their destiny from there. According to the philosophy of numerology, everything can be represented by numbers.

For example, numbers can be found in our date of birth and names. When put in different formulas, they unveil attributes that, to a greater or lesser extent, govern us. There are numbers which reveal our gifts and talents and there are numbers which tell us about our challenges. These equations are simple and yet highly accurate for the practitioner to decode the paths behind the numbers.

Moreover, numerology is a helpful tool for profiling and it helps us to know who we are working with and how we can work with them. Through numerology, we can also look for the best timing for various activities such as business and marketing initiatives. By selecting the best date to commence, we work with the proper vibrations in the universe and this allows us to achieve a more positive outcome in an easier way. If we understand the significance of all the numbers we are surrounded by, then it will not be difficult to know if we are working with a positive power.

For this modality we offer both services and courses.

Numerology readings are available at S$150/hr

Numerology courses are available at Basic, Advanced and Practitioner levels

If you are interested, please contact us +65 9646 1698.

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