Tarot Reading

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Tarot reading was developed in the 17th century and is being used by many for the purpose of divination and insights. Tarot reading is a gem combining the ancient art of symbology and numerology into one element. One card contains so much information that it is sometimes self-explanatory. It is a tool which is best used when there is a specific question. If you have a burning question with regards to any area of life, the cards can tell you more about the terrain, context, influences and actors at play.

The tarot usually would effectively answer any question in the near future and give a very accurate insights to what you wish to know. The tarot does not promote any superstition and thus it has no connotation to what movies or religious movements might claim. It bases itself on symbology, astrology and cartomancy. These are all science of symbols and their relationship to our subconscious. This is a safe and easy to understand divination technique that will bring you a world of insights.

For this modality we offer both readings and courses.

Tarot readings are available at S$150/hr

If you are keen to find out more, please contact us +65 9646 1698

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