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Crystals are everywhere in our life and are a gift from nature. Whether we are aware of it or not, it has come into our lives and work with us in so many ways. Their dazzling beauty is an essential part of jewellery, they have applications in a wide range of modern gadgets like the smartphone, cameras and even car electronics, and recently tourmaline has proven to add a layer of effective shielding from gamma/neutron radiation which is useful in nuclear power plants and radiotherapy. All these crystals have found their ways into our lives, and more will come as humans achieve a greater understanding of their capabilities.

So what is Crystal Energy studies? It is the study and appreciation of crystals and its capabilities, including the mineral composition and the structure of the crystals. By deciphering the composition of the mineral, we are able to see the unique ability and power that the crystals can offer to us in every way.

The study of crystals will lead us into understanding how we can use the crystals for specific and general healing purposes. We will explore how to correctly make use and take care of the crystals. This is unlike what is normally accessible from books. The wisdom of crystals is a practical wisdom and it cannot be achieved only from reading materials. Therefore, in the course of study, we will expose students to various types of crystals which are both commonly found in South East Asia as well as the rarer ones. Through interactive and practical learning, we wish to inspire our students to love the energy and the marvels that crystals can offer.

The healing segment will bring the student to understanding the dynamics of the crystals’ interaction with the physical body. Crystals have been used as an ancient tool of healing and has been revered to being able to even produce miracles. This is only possible through the use of natural and untreated crystals and gemstones. If we know what to use to make our body better, then perfect radiant health is not a dream. Many of those who are privy to the wisdom of crystals have benefited from them in very practical ways. Some have experienced a stable increase in financial power and health. This is because the minerals in crystals encompass the same composition as the human body and so when we fill our body with what it is lacking with the energy of crystals, this helps to create a positive result.

So come join us on the journey of discovery and be introduced to the crystals which have been calling out to you.

For this modality we offer both healing sessions and courses.

Crystal healing sessions are available at S$150 per hour.


For more information, please contact us at +65 9646 1698.

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