Reiki Healing

In modern day society, we are constantly bombarded by challenges that may cause us to feel burdened or unhappy. Some people could succumb to illness when they cannot cope with these stresses. Reiki is an easy to use approach that can be used anytime, anywhere to help alleviate some of our stresses, relieving us of our negative feelings and emotions, and thus introducing a greater feeling of peace and calm.

What is Reiki?

It is a healing approach where we use our hands, coupled with energy from the Universe, to soothe ourselves.
Human beings, as with everything else, are energy bodies. Our energy could be depleted, or the energy flow could be blocked within our body, causing us to be tired, strained, or even ill. The body’s natural healing function is activated when we allow it to rest, or when the body is at sleep.
Reiki is akin to an active form of sleep healing. It enables us to actively channel more energy to replenish the body’s needs as well as improve its flow. When applied regularly, it can bring about obvious improvements in health.

What are the benefits of using Reiki?

Reiki is simple technique to learn; it does not require a person to have any special skills or abilities. Anyone, even young children, can learn to channel energy within a day. Furthermore, it is easy to apply and it works with the body’s own energy levels. Plus, one can channel energy to heal at any time of the day, and at any place, to one’s convenience.
While it is important to still see a doctor when one is ill, Reiki can also be used alongside conventional western or eastern medication to improve on its effectiveness as well as reduce any potential side effects.

Is it safe?
Yes. Reiki is a non-invasive approach to healing as it utilizes energy from the Universe to supplement the body’s own innate healing abilities.

What is the difference between a Reiki healing treatment and a Reiki class?
At a Reiki healing treatment, a Reiki practitioner will channel Universal energy and use it to treat a client. All the client has to do is to relax on a therapy bed for about an hour. The Reiki practitioner will then use his hands to provide energy to facilitate a healing at the major energy centers of the client’s body. The client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment. The number of treatment sessions will depend on the extent of the client’s health conditions.

At a Reiki class, the student learns how to heal himself. The Reiki teacher will provide the necessary attunements (an awakening of the body’s innate abilities) which will enable the student to channel Universal energy himself. The student can then place his hands on his body as he channels energy to heal himself.
There are 3 levels of learning involved.
A Reiki 1 course takes a full day and explains the basics of the Reiki technique. This includes the extensive healing properties of Reiki, its history as well as the 5 Reiki precepts introduced by the founder to cultivate a more holistic healing approach. Important principles that are involved in energy healing work are also discussed in detail, as well as explanations of the body’s key energy centres, or chakras. Healing at Level 1 focuses largely on the physical body.
In Reiki 2, the healing focus expands to include healing the emotional and mental bodies. At this level, three Reiki symbols are introduced to facilitate healing of the emotions as well as our thinking body. Distant healing is also taught, an extremely useful technique as it allows healing across time and space. Level 2 will be taught over two days.
The final level is a three-day Mastership course and is extended to students who are so passionate about Reiki that they wish to help spread the teachings to others. The student is taught how to conduct attunements and will also learn how to be an effective teacher in Reiki. The course will also include broader healing applications of Reiki as well as explain other more esoteric studies related to energy healing.

For most students, study up to Reiki Level 2 will suffice as it offers the necessary energy to provide in-depth healing of the body. At all of the above courses, sufficient time for healing practicals will be provided.

Prolonged practice with Reiki will allow one to have a better understanding of one’s body. More importantly, with that realization, one would become more aware of how our life decisions, our emotions and our thoughts will affect our health. This will help us develop a healthier body and more importantly, a happier life.

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