Healing Faculty

Welcome to the healing faculty of Heart of Sophia. Here is where we dwell into the healing possibility of each individuals to help them discover what they can do to achieve a total wellness of what their body can bring them. In the faculty our main concern is to strengthen the understanding of metaphysical healing and alternative healing. Here we have no conflicts with western medicine but we sought to understand how western medicine can be complimented with alternative healing such as essences and colour. By being able to infuse different elements into the healing process, we hope to bring the patients back to good health faster.

In the faculty we focus a lot on practical work and aim to help the student who learn under us to be practically able to use the skills to the fullest potential in everyday life. Having healing circles and refresher, we aim to help students have a support group to practice and hone the skills. Unlock the healer in you as you look into the depth of your being

Courses and services offered in the Faculty

Reiki healing

Sound Healing

Beamer Light Pen

Magnified healing

Bach Essence

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