Divination and Oracle studies Faculty

Welcome to the Divination and oracle studies faculty of Heart of Sophia. Here we specialize in all the different ways of divination according to how the ancients would have done it. Inspired by those before us, we are interested to find out how did they know about the future just by using pictorial and symbolic icons. This is also what inspire us to dwell deeper into the word of Oracle and astrological studies. Divination is not only about finding out what our future unfolds but also how we can make good use of the information in order for us to craft the best future for our clients. Equipped with information about different symbology, we try to understand what each symbol means to everyone and make it simple for our client to explain the fundamental of what is the oracle about.

Knowing the future is not only a myth but is a very scientific undertanding based on numbers, calculation and using information that is related to us. We are given certain numbers and names and they are all not a coincident and if we are able to understand why we are associated to all these signs then unlocking the future would not be just a fantasy. In our faculty it is important we learn to respect the signs and let them tell us more about who we really are. So come join us and explore your signs.

Courses and services offered in the Faculty

Tarot Reading






Oracle Reading

Date selection

Name analysis

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