Spiritual metaphysics Faculty

Welcome to the Spiritual Metaphysics faculty of Heart of Sophia. Here is where you enter into a whole new world of ideas and understanding. Here are try to explore various spiritual traditions and their mysticism behind it. Why is it that people are so allured by different secret studies and what is the secret behind it. This is what we wish to discover here in the school. Angels, gods and ascended masters are all different type of expression of what the original divinity is and why is it there are so many expression? What does the different expression mean to us? These are the mystery we try to find out from the ancient text. Some of these text are profound and require years of studies that is also why our school have formed teams to come together to try to understand the concepts.

Mystic and esoteric studies is all simple if we are able to open ourselves to try to understand more about it. The concepts are practical and can be used in our daily life. If we can appreciate this part of the culture that we have then we will be able to explore into more about our origins. We encourage all those who have an understanding that is beyond the norm to explore with us. Find out more about what is divinity and what it can offer to me and you.

Courses and services offered in the Faculty

72 Angels course

Archangel Chronicles

Sacred Geometry

Kabbalah Studies

Melchizedek Symbols

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