Earthwork metaphysics Faculty

Welcome to the Earthwork metaphysics of Heart of Sophia. Here we dedicate our life in the understanding what our Mother can offer to us in the development of who we are. We live on earth and we share her resources for survival. There is a very deep relationship between we are the earth plane. That is why we focus on the gifts that she offer to help us grow. The earth resources comes with a bounty of crystals and gems which we can harness so that we can use for our personal growth and development. If we learn to use them wisely then it can help us grow to be who we really are and make the best of who we are.

We also share the land in our daily life. Therefore knowing how to tap the right place at the right time is essential for our success. If we know how to interact with the land and its elements. Then we can find out what is the best direction and element for us so that we can find the best opportunity. Using the different measurement and direction, we use the ancient wisdom of fengshui / Vastu and enivornmental studies to help us achieve the best result. If you want your surrounding to help you and empower you then come study with us and find out what your environment can offer for your greatest good!

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