Alchemical and Transmutation Faculty

Welcome to the Alchemical and transmutation faculty of Heart of Sophia. We strive to create the best metaphysical products for all our users and aim to help them find the “solution” to what issue they may face in life. Alchemy is the process where we transform what is not usable to something precious and beautiful. This is what we known in Alchemy as turning matter to gold. We aim to help everyone look at what they do not feel good about themselves and thus enable them to have the strength to recover from the different states of consciousness.


Transmutation is to not remove anything but to help one denser form transform into a lighter state which support what is in the environment. We understand the need of different environment and thus we focus on a non-religious and non-superstitious approach in dealing with critical conditions in houses. Our main work is to help to restore the harmony within the space and we aim to educate the students to be able to use their skills to help in the maintenance of the space

Courses and services offered in the Faculty

Alchemy Course

Butterfly and Sea Essence

Aroma therapy

Space Clearing

Solution Service

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