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Heart of Sophia

Aspiring to be one of the best metaphysical schools, at Heart of Sophia Academy, we bring the understanding of metaphysics and the esoteric to the seeker.

Gathering and learning from only the best teachers around the world, we are determined to share with you all that we know to demystify what is felt yet unseen, what many have experienced as true but which was yet ungraspable and unexplainable.

One’s life path is a testament to one’s beliefs and truths, yet not everyone we meet share the same reality. Esoteric is the study of the inner world, and exoteric is the outer world which is readily seen by everyone. The Academy’s sole purpose is to help everyone find the wisdom within and help empower all to be able to stand true for what they believe.

In our Academy, our teachers have spent years researching into their specialized disciplines and are able to deliver their subject of understanding in the simplest while yet creating the most profound moment for each and every individual. We strive only to give the best of everything that is in the field of Western and Eastern Metaphysics. Constantly upgrading and refining our techniques, methods and theories, we pledge our passion to bring you the most sincere and truthful understanding that can change your life.

We aim to fulfil every student’s desire to learn the most in-depth knowledge and latest development in the world of metaphysics. With the support from our teachers and masters, we endeavour to present to everyone who comes into our lives with the best of who we are.

With great love for wisdom and truth, we welcome you to the Heart of Sophia.

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