Service – Feng Shui Audit

Fengshui is one of the 5 major studies in the world of Chinese metaphysics. It dates back to a historical time and it gives us insight on our relationship with the land. However, due to commercialization, it has been clouded with different perspectives. Here at Heart of Sophia, we understand the need for various approaches and thus we are conversant with 4 types of Fengshui to cater to all needs.

Fengshui is about the placement of objects – Beds, Stove and Door – and the movement of energy (more popularly known as Qi). By knowing where to place which object, we are effectively helping to enhance the energy of the space to make it more vibrant for us to tap into. Fundamentally, Fengshui involves only the owner and the house: once the right house is chosen, then one would only need to make sure that the key objects are placed at the right spots to make the energy flow harmoniously.

Contrary to the tradition that the house’s Fengshui has to be changed every year, the truth is that it is not required. What we need to know is how we want the land to work for us, and then we will use different methods to facilitate and speed up the process. There is no fixed Fengshui set-up that can be used for all houses because most of the houses in Asia are not built to proper measurement. Therefore, the house has to be selected first and then later remedied.

We only use remedies that are all-natural such as crystals, plants and water features which enhances the energy in the environment as well as make the space we live in more aesthetically pleasing. We know the needs of modern people because we are modern people too. So we assure the most comprehensive and user friendly solutions for your house Fengshui situations.

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