Head Master of Faculty

Here in the Head Master Faculty, our role is to make sure all teachers trained is at the highest level of integrity and understanding to their relevant field. As we observe the current phenomena of what the New Age movement is happening, we believe there is a need for standard to be establish by our students and teachers. We would like to offer only the best of the essentials to our students so that they can have a firm foundation to what they can develop in the years to come. Holistic development is not only a development of a profession but the development of the entire being. That is why we believe that we offer only the best to the students.

We would moderate all examination modules and thesis that is being sent to us and help our students learn to be the most efficient teachers of the different skill set that they have choose to be. We do not believe that being a good teacher is something which is exclusive. We believe everyone can be the master of a spiritual field as long as they believe in what they have learnt and put their heart into it. As long you are willing, we will help you make it. Welcome to the pathway of being of a teacher.


Here in the Head Master Faculty

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Qualities of God Teacher

Pitis Sophia

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