Psychoanalytic Faculty

Welcome to the Psychoanalytic faculty of Heart of Sophia. Here is why we understand what our subconscious and our genetic past affects us with. The mind is an amazing art and it is so unexplored that we do not know what it can really offer to us. We can see the limitless possibility our mind can bring to us and empower us with. We can manifest realities with our mind and make the impossible, possible. All we need to do is to know what our subconscious is doing and we can explore the different possibility and unlock it. These involve examination of character and habits that we formed in the various situations we have been. So when we allow ourselves to be open then we can understand more of who we are.

Sometimes we may be entangled by our own family members due to the different situation they were be and it is also our specialty to explore what our family have brought to us as a gift. Though we maybe constantly be finding happiness, the truth is we do not know why we are not achieving it. That is also why by exploring the information that is locked in our subconscious then we can also find out what is our family past and who we are loyal to. These people are the lost ones in our pscyhe which we are trying to connect with. That is also where we will find completeness and wholeness.


Courses and services offered in the Faculty

Systemic Family Constellation

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Past life Regression


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